Don't concede your right to VOTE to the FRAUD of zero-evidence electronic elections!
  Demand a legitimate, transparent system based on physical evidence that ensures election integrity!
  Enable Democracy and Protect Your Right To Vote by demanding a Paper Ballot!




Guarantee that your votes can be counted
exactly as you
cast them in every election!


Our election officials never publicize the fact, but
Georgia citizens can easily protect their invaluable and endangered
right to vote with the physical evidence of an absentee Paper Ballot.

Current Georgia Election Law permits any registered voter
to request and vote
a Paper Absentee Ballot with

This web site is intended to be a comprehensive resource for providing
the information you need to vote with confidence, vote with evidence and make
your vote for restoring legitimate elections to our State as easy as possible.

  Voting by Paper Absentee Ballot is not only the most reliable option for Georgia voters,
it is also the most convenient choice and involves only 3 simple steps:

[1] Request your Paper Absentee Ballot by submitting a short application form.
[2] Receive your Paper Ballot in the Mail and vote in privacy at your convenience.
[3] Mail or hand deliver your sealed Paper Ballot to your County Registrar's office

Specifics for the three steps are:

-- [1] --

The Paper Absentee Ballot request form can be obtained from several sources and in
several ways, including contacting your County Registrar's office, calling the office
of the Secretary of State at 404-656-2871, or by downloading and printing the
PDF version found here or on the SoS web site

Complete and sign your Absentee Ballot request providing all relevant details.
f using an older version of the form, choose the ABSENTEE VOTING option and
use the explanation code "NR" (reason Not Required).  On the newer SoS form,
providing a drivers license number is optional since ID is not required with absentee
voting by mail and
many valid registered voters don't have a drivers license.

Mail, Fax or Hand Deliver your Paper Ballot Application to the Registrar's office
for the County in which you are registered to vote.
Your County Registrar's address
is noted on your voter registration card, or you can locate your Registrar's Office in
this pdf file or by using this Registrar Locater Page at the Secretary of State web site.

We recommend that requests for Paper Absentee Ballots be Mailed at least 6 days before the
date of the election, or Faxed or Hand Delivered at least 5 days prior to allow time for delivery.
With the possible exception of some first time voters, properly registered Georgian's
will not need to provide photo ID with their Paper Absentee Ballot application.

-- [2] --

Upon receiving your Absentee Ballot Application, your County Registrar is required to mail
your Paper Absentee Ballot to the registered or alternate address indicated on the form.
Contact your County Registrar's office if your Paper Ballot does not arrive promptly!

After obtaining your Paper Ballot in the mail you can privately cast your votes at
your convenience, in accordance with Georgia laws and following the instructions
for securely sealing your Paper Ballot in the provided double envelopes.

-- [3] --

Hand Deliver or Mail your sealed Paper Ballot to your County Registrar's office:

When mailing, be sure to provide adequate postage, and consider return receipt
mail service if you wish to receive assurance that your votes were delivered. 
Your County Registrar must receive your Paper Ballot before 7:00pm on election day.

You can also hand deliver your Paper Ballot to your County Registrar's office during any
hours that the offices are open, up to and including 7:00am to 7:00pm on Election Day.

State election law requires that ALL PAPER ABSENTEE BALLOTS  which are properly completed
and delivered to your County Registrar's office by
the election day deadline WILL BE COUNTED!
 Paper Absentee Ballot counting begins at the close of polls on election day and continues until all
Paper Ballot votes have been included in the final election totals.



Georgia Law allows that if you are unable to present (or choose not to carry) an
accepted form of Photo ID when you appear to vote at your precinct polling place,
  or if there is any type of challenge or issue with your voter registration status when
you appear to vote, then you MUST BE OFFERED the opportunity to vote using
a Paper Provisional Ballot.

In order to have your votes counted after using a Paper Provisional Ballot,
  you MUST present or fax a copy of your Photo ID to your
County Registrar's office,
or otherwise correct any issues regarding your voter registration records with your
  County election officials, WITHIN 48 HOURS of the election day close of polls.
Georgia Law also requires that a voter MUST BE NOTIFIED with cause
if their Provisional Paper Ballot does not get counted for any reason!

See the Special Notes and Issues section below for additional information.



The Diebold DRE voting machines that most Georgian's feel forced to use in every election do
not produce the evidence required to support
candidate's claim to a Georgia election victory.

The fact that the vote counts of our electronic election systems cannot be audited has been testified
to under oath before the  Georgia Supreme Court by the same paid contractors who lobbied for
the purchase of the systems and who continue to receive millions of dollars to "certify" their use.

 Given that the evidence needed to validate our election systems and their electronic vote counts was
removed back in 2002, the legitimacy of every single local, state and national representative currently
holding political office in our State is in question, as is the outcome of every presidential contest.

We invite you to help restore legitimate elections to our State and to our Nation
by demanding Paper Evidence be used as the Ballot of Record for Every Vote,
and to further secure democracy by requiring that the Paper Evidence be
Counted and Audited at the Voting Precinct Locations in Full Public View.

PaperCounts.org encourages all voters to further register their personal protest
of zero-evidence electronic voting systems by sending an email containing your
registered voter name and address
under the subject

"Democracy Needs Paper Evidence!"



(a) ID ISSUES: Accepted forms of ID for First Time Georgia Voters requesting their Paper Ballot by Mail
are identical to the choices for First Time voter registration and include a copy of a current and valid
photo ID, a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or
other government document that shows your name and address. The First Time voter ID is only required
for an Absentee Ballot application if it was not already submitted with their voter registration. You may
also be asked to show Photo ID when requesting or delivering your Paper Absentee Ballot at your
Registrar's office in person, though this is not a legal requirement. Any voters who appear to vote at
their precinct polling location on election day without an accepted form of Photo ID will need to vote
using a Paper Provisional Ballot, and they must then fax or present their Photo ID documents to their
County Registrar's office within 48 hours for their vote to be counted.

(b) IN PERSON PAPER BALLOT REQUESTS: You have the option of filing a "Reason Not Required"
application for a Paper Absentee Ballot in person. Voters should be clear, though, that Georgia laws
for all Paper Absentee Ballot requests filed as "NR" / "Reason Not Required", the voter must wait for
their Paper Absentee Ballot to be delivered from their County Registrar "by Mail Only" -- do not expect
to receive your Paper Absentee Ballot in person. Note that no absentee ballots are mailed or otherwise
issued on the day before or the day of an election

(c) IN PERSON DELIVERY ISSUES: It is our understanding that your County Registrar's office (the County
Registrar office where you are registered to vote) is required by law to accept and process your properly
completed and sealed Paper Absentee Ballot when delivered in person during their regular business or
polling hours, including on election day. While In Person delivery to the County Registrar's office is the
most intentional, direct and secure way to deliver your Paper Ballot, we encourage voters to allow for
time to submit their Paper Ballot through the mail should their registrar's office refuse to honor or
accept an In Person delivery. It is very important to understand that if you attempt to deliver your Paper
Absentee Ballot to your precinct polling location on election day, the poll workers may confiscate your
Paper Ballot and force you to vote on a zero-evidence DRE. If you attempt to vote in person at your
precinct polling location after you have filed an application for a Paper Absentee Ballot and you cannot
surrender your Absentee Ballot to precinct poll workers, you will be directed to vote on a Paper
Provisional Ballot which will only be counted if your Absentee Ballot is not also delivered.

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 Please report any and all Voting Problems or Irregularities
that you may experience to

Election Protection


  Election Protection provides a comprehensive manual for Georgia voters:
Georgia Registration and Voting Manual - Final (2012)

Additional Official Voting Information can be found at the
Georgia Secretary of State Elections web page (see Voter Info menu)

About PaperCounts.org
 PaperCounts.org is a non-partisan, not for profit volunteer group dedicated to protecting legitimate
election processes and voting rights through voter education, public legislative lobbying and civil court actions.
  The information here and in our printed documents is designed to be a resource for providing the information
and materials you may need to vote with confidence, vote with evidence, and make your vote for the restoration
of legitimate elections in our State and our Nation as easy as possible. Great effort has been made to insure that
the information we present is accurate, but we are not election officials or attorneys.  If you have any questions
about the information we present, about other voting procedures or about your voting rights, we urge to contact
both your County Registrar's office and the informed volunteer lawyers and trained staff at Election Protection.

Opinions expressed by PaperCounts.org questioning the sanity, intelligence and viability of using paperless,
Direct Recording Electronic [DRE] voting devices and secretive, proprietary tabulation software to conduct
public elections are based on the nearly unanimous opinions of independent computer systems and software
professionals from around the world.  A few of these representative opinions regarding Georgia's Diebold DRE
systems from one of the world's top computer scientists and a consulting election systems analyst for the
Federal Election Assistance Commission, Barbara Simons, can be found in the presentation she recently
gave at Georgia Tech, a recording of which is available for web viewing by clicking here

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